We all start with questions.
Most of us failed not getting answers.

Get to know the key people, resources, and business benefits within the crafted-hospitality industry

Are you an entrepreneur owning or looking to open a place?
We are all hospitality craftsmans here.

The Crafted Hospitality Garage is a community of people gathering people.

From Co-living, Co-working, to hotel and house owners. We are providing connections, content and resources to our members.
Inside the community we mainly speak 🇫🇷  but most of the content and resources are in 🇺🇸.
Be comfortable there is something for everyone, everything behind the door is here to make you grow and go faster

Are you looking to open a spot and want to talk about

Financing – Coworking/Coliving – Community

– Experience – Hiring – F&B

– Houseware – Events – Partnerships


You are at the right spot

Become a Crafted Hospitality Member

By getting the Garage Membership, you will be granted access to our online network, be added to our members-only newsletter and access ressources 
The membership costs only
– €365 per YEAR  access to our online platform, resources and connections 
Entrepreneurs owning or looking to open a place, the family will connect you with the right people and information to make your business grow.

key membership benefits

The Membership will help you grow within the crafted-hospitality industry through the right professional connections, 

some deeper knowledges on hospitality and the ability to participate in business growth initiatives 

(Tools, , publications, PR, trainings).

Joining The Crafted Hospitality Garage will gives you the opportunity to launch your spot,

go faster and network with like-minded peers:

1 - Access to tools, experiences & network

As a member you’ll have access to dozens of documents and ressources to build your project or structure it. Have the right insights on tools to use. Sharing our experiences and learnings straight on the platform, with the opportunity to connect with people. 

2 - Use the online platform to exchange with like-minded entrepreneurs.

Get exclusive access to our online network. Benefit from our members listing, connect with relevant stakeholders, get feedback and advice on your projects, and find your future business collaborators.

3 - Never miss an event from the Garage

Once a month we drop 2 online events related to topics voted by the community. Bringing experts and simply taking care of the show, opening doors on our learnings.

If you are:
– A property owner
– An operator
– An entrepreneur looking to open a place
– A team member

You are at the right spot!

The NO SMALL PLANS Garage is a network of entrepreneurs in the crafted-hospitality industry: people who are dedicated to making the world a better place through places to gather people. This membership is for those who are pushing the boundaries of the crafted hospitality sector

+ Become a Member to join an online crafted-hospitality community, access resources and receive benefits and discounts

is it


Integrate a community of like minded people looking

to open or own places


+ Become a Crafted Hospitality Member to join an online community of like-minded peers, access resources and receive benefits and discounts on tools


+Crafted Hospitality member status with voting rights and opportunities to work together






Each member needs to purchase its own membership. If you are representing a bigger organization, get in touch with us to discuss who we can integrate your workforce into the membership package of the organization.

We truly believe you’ll get what you need. But if you think it was not worth it, just drop me an email and I’ll make a refund 70% of your subscriptions. 

Why keeping 30% ? You’ll find some documents we built, and they all have a value. As you are getting access to them, you are also able to take them with you 🙂

Hey, for sure, let’s discuss first using my email kev@coastlinecreative.club

We want members to join because they see the value in sharing and collaboration, reflected in for example collective intelligence and online support group. Beyond regular membership activities (online communication and few group calls), you can put your energy into building out The Crafted Hospitality Garage for yourself: we function under the model of doocracy, which allows anyone to take leadership and ownership of a project. Contact us to become a Crafted Hospitality ambassador or be involved directly in the organization.